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Behind the Scenes: A Deep Dive with One of Our Founders, Meri

At, we pride ourselves on building a platform that is reshaping the mental healthcare system. The brains behind our operations are crucial to our success. Today, we'd like to introduce you to one of our founders, Meri, through a recent interview she did.

Background and Vision

Originally from Georgia and now a resident of Berlin for over a decade, Meri boasts a varied educational background encompassing communication, cultural studies, and psychology. Her meticulous attention to detail and adept management skills have played a significant role in shaping our startup.

Meri describes a "Truth Founder" as one who embodies individuality, recognizing the strength in authentic self-expression. This principle deeply resonates within our team at

The Inspiration Behind

Our initiative to create a solution stemmed from witnessing firsthand the dire impact of mental health issues on society. A striking catalyst was a personal narrative shared by Meri’s co-founder, Kseniia Teslenko, who detailed the psychological struggles of Ukrainian refugees in Germany. Meri noted, "The experience led us to create a solution ourselves, understanding the essence of collective action."

Our Mission at

Our mission, in Meri's words, is "to improve mental healthcare, empower individuals, and create a happier, stigma-free world." At, we combine innovative AI technology with Meri’s vision to bridge the gap in mental health support. To understand more about our journey and foundational beliefs, read the full interview here.

Personal Insights and Gratitude

Meri often turns to the famous quote, "Be the change you wish to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi, to inspire and motivate herself. She believes in the power of kindness, empathy, and the importance of self-care. But Meri is also candid about her challenges, noting the need for a better work-life balance.

One key decision that pivoted our journey was Meri's insistence on allocating significant resources towards research and user engagement. Listening to the insights of psychologists and advisors helps us shape a platform genuinely reflective of user needs.

Meri treasures the unwavering dedication of her co-founder, Kseniia Teslenko, and the entire team. She shared, "Her passion and drive serve as a constant source of motivation for our shared goals."

A Note of Thanks

Meri concluded, "We want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has supported us on this ambitious journey. Your encouragement and belief are motivating. We appreciate all the kind words and gestures, and we're grateful to have you by our side."

At, every team member plays a pivotal role, and through insights like these, we hope to bring you closer to the people behind the technology. We're excited about our journey and are committed to revolutionizing mental healthcare, one step at a time.



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