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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

We're excited to announce that has been selected to participate in the renowned Vision Health Pioneers Incubator for based in Berlin. As we embark on this new journey, here's what this participation means for us and the larger healthcare community.

About the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator

Located in the heart of Berlin, the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator is a coveted program designed to nurture and champion early-stage startups in the healthcare sector.

What's in Store for The synergy promises an enriching journey ahead. As we immerse ourselves, we anticipate a fusion of profound knowledge transfer – from the intricacies of startup dynamics to the depths of medical paradigms. This partnership is not merely an alliance; it's an opportunity to truly magnify the impact of our innovations in the healthcare realm.

But it's not just about resources; it's about the people. We're gearing up to integrate with a community buzzing with healthcare enthusiasts, visionary thinkers, and potential collaborators. This invaluable nexus promises not just network expansion but a chance to mold our product with insights from those who’ve walked the path before.

Moreover, the healthcare universe is vast, and our aspirations match its scale. Thanks to the incubator's expansive global connections, our footprint is poised to be not just local but international. Engaging with global healthcare enthusiasts widens our horizon and amplifies our potential impact.

Partnering with the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator aligns with our focus on enhancing healthcare solutions. As we progress, our aim isn’t just about's growth but also about meaningful contributions to the healthcare industry. co-founders Meri and Kseniia

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