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Introducing your AI mental health guard


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Be honest: How do you feel now?

In a world where people don't talk much about how they feel, Ora - your Mental Health Guard is here to make it easier and less scary to open up and talk about our feelings.

Receive Care: Start video chat with your mental health guard. Ora is that one who always listens and hears.

Anytime, Anywhere: Ora's offline support means help is always in your pocket. 24/7 available for you.

Personalized self-help: Personalized advice with video or audio - the choice is yours.

Ora's promise: Your privacy is our foundation.

Ora's Features

Mood Tracking

Mental Well-being Test



Diary (Video+Voice)

Weekly  Reports and Recommendations

and more...

Ora represents the initial phase in the evolution of a comprehensive mental health ecosystem. Crafted by, our AI solution is designed with the expertise of psychologists. It's tailored to address mental health topics, offering guidance and support.

Our AI-powered mental health ecosystem at is centered around providing a comprehensive and personalized solution for every individual coping with mental health challenges. We understand that the journey to optimal mental health is unique to every person. That’s why we have combined AI technology, community engagement, and professional support to deliver a holistic and accessible approach. Our focus is on empowering individuals to take control of their mental health through our innovative digital platform.

Born from the personal experiences of our founders, who faced the adversities of the war in Ukraine and the annexation of Georgian territories by Russia, our mission is rooted in real-world struggles. Our hands-on support for Ukrainian refugees in Berlin underscored the vital importance of mental health in our daily lives. We believe in a world where mental well-being is accessible and prioritized for everyone.

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Behind the scenes - Meet Our Team is a powerhouse driven by four remarkable women, each a master of her domain. With robust expertise underpinning our roles, we bring not only knowledge but also passion, dedication, and an unparalleled spirit of collaboration. Our team thrives on a shared work philosophy: to innovate with purpose and lead with empathy.

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