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AI-Driven Approach to Immediate Mental Health Support's co-founders discuss their personal experiences that led to the creation of Ora, their AI chatbot, and their broader mission to enhance mental health support.

Origins and Mission

Following a recent interview with's co-founders, Kseniia Teslenko and Meri Khazaradze, the drive behind their startup became evident. With AI at its core, addresses immediate mental support needs. The inspiration? Personal experiences and an aspiration to make a tangible difference. From these roots, Ora was born—a chatbot designed to assist in moments of mental distress.

The Mental Health Landscape in Germany

Navigating the German mental health system reveals significant wait times—up to three months—to see a psychologist. Both Kseniia, with her volunteer background aiding refugees, and Meri, through her personal endeavors to find therapy, identified these delays as substantial barriers.

Ora: AI-Powered Mental Support

Ora isn't just another chatbot; it stands as an accessible avenue for those in immediate need. Considering the predicted growth of the mental health chatbot market to $6.51 billion by 2032 worldwide, Ora's capability for real-time assistance becomes even more pertinent.

The Road Ahead

With an unwavering vision for the future, sets its sights on a robust presence within the German realm. Their plans don't stop at chatbots. By 2028, they aim to collaborate with professional therapists, further enhancing their platform's range. Their primary goal remains steadfast: to foster mental resilience and ensure timely care.

Delve deeper into the motivations and vision of by reading the full interview. co-founders at Vision Health Pioneers Incubator

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