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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

English Translation is Below:

Der Artikel stammt vom 27.02.2023, 14:15 Uhr. Er ist nicht vollständig. Hier wird nur ein Teil über präsentiert. Den gesamten Artikel können Sie unter folgendem Link finden:

One of the startups is, originating from the health sector. They have developed an app based on artificial intelligence - a chatbot intended to serve as the first point of contact for mental health issues. Psychotherapy practices are heavily overloaded, with long waiting times for a therapy slot - a reality not just in Berlin but also in Ukraine.

The "Mental Health App" is designed to bridge these wait times and provide initial support. In Ukraine, about 60% of the population suffers from various mental ailments, as reported by Kseniia Teslenko to the Phineo team. The 31-year-old originally hails from Ukraine and came to Germany in 2013 for her studies. The chatbot offers personalized support and is accessible around the clock. She founded with her friend Meri Khazaradze, aged 29. Both felt an immediate impulse to do something meaningful right after the outbreak of war. Teslenko volunteered as a translator and later served as a language intermediary in a psychology practice working with Ukrainian refugees.

Their chatbot offers various features, including a diary, mood recording, tests for mental well-being, and personalized reminders. A significant feature is the "Community" function, where affected individuals can exchange experiences anonymously.



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