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Reflecting on's Public Debut at the Café Kyiv - "We Choose Freedom" Event

A while back, specifically on February 27, 2023, had the honor of participating in the renowned "Café Kyiv - We Choose Freedom" event in Berlin. This significant event, orchestrated by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, provided us a platform that allowed us to detail our startup's inception, its journey, and the personal challenges we confronted amidst the backdrop of the Russian war.

It was an intensely emotional experience as we recounted the ways the war shaped our lives and the lives of so many others. Our story, interwoven with voices from our community, echoed the resilience and strength that define our mission.

We were in good company, as fellow visionaries from other transformative startups shared their tales. Notably, our dedicated supporter, Phineo startups, enriched the dialogue with their insights.

The event, which began at 11:30 am, was not solely about discussions. Attendees also indulged in the rich flavors of Ukrainian cuisine and participated in engaging workshops that celebrated the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian community.

As we look back, this event stands as a milestone for, marking our initial foray into the public domain, and reinforcing our pledge to effect change. We eagerly anticipate more moments where we can connect, share, and grow with our community.



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